Moving The Middle

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In Sales, the top 20% of Sales People are responsible for 80% of the sales. So how do you increase your team’s sales?

One concept is known as “Moving the Middle” to increase sales. But how can you move the middle 60% if 80% of all sales come from the top 20%?

By training and developing the bottom 20% to generate more leads and prospects along with training the middle 60% to more effectively close more sales, the volume of sales will increase for the team.

The top 20% tend to have a natural drive to outperform the others, and will increase their sales on their own. Using both sustainment and advanced sales training for the top 20%, they will be able to close more sales than before and keep their level above the rest.

Properly “Moving The Middle” does not increase the percentage of top sales people, or leave the middle void. It brings the bottom 20% to where the middle currently is, making the low 20% an acceptable level.

By “Moving The Middle” with proper, professional training, everyone succeeds and the overall team sales production increases.

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“Everyday you do nothing to change your current situation is another day your situation does not improve.”

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