Does My Business Need A Website?

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Have you found yourself pondering the question, “Does my business need a website?”

If you have asked yourself this question, the obvious answer is then, “If you are asking yourself, then your business probably does.”


Here are 5 reasons your business should have a website:

1.  Your main competitors do (or do not) have a website. Either be the first or be the best. This is perhaps the most important reason to consider having a website.

If your competition has a website, are you trying to stay competitive? Do you want to have an edge by not only having a website, but a better website which is more interactive? Potential new customers are looking for a reason to give their hard-earned money to the business which offers the most for less.

If your competition does not have websites, are you ready to be the first, a pioneer in your area and industry? Having a website when others do not will allow you to stand out and your customers will take notice.

Not having a website could cost you business. A lack of a good website could be a missed opportunity. Speaking of missing opportunities, remember that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

2.  According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses with a website generate 39% more revenue every year than those without a website.

3.  Credibility with potential customers. Current customers already know your business and quality of service. A website allows potential customers to preview your business, products, and possibly reviews of your business. A website gives the perception that you are serious about your business and your dedication to your customers. In business, perception is everything.

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4.    “Google It” is the catch phrase for conducting internet research before making a decision about which businesses to visit. If your business relies on at least 10% of new customers from outside your area, then it is important to help
those customers find you. Having a website is convenient for those looking for what you offer and allows you to provide more information to fit their particular needs than traditional radio, television, print, or billboard advertising will do. “You can say more, with less.”

5.   A website offers flexibility in your advertising to instantly communicate with the public. Monthly or weekly deals can be updated easily. Daily specials can be posted to allow both regular and potential customers to stay up to date on your offers.

     Websites run 24 hours a day and can have updates scheduled for you, freeing up your time. Unlike other forms of advertising, websites do not leave surplus advertising literature, allows one change/update to reach everyone, and websites are easy to locate again-unlike business cards or flyers which often get misplaced.

     Social media can be integrated with a website to extend your reach. Combining the power of a website and social media can double the reach of just a website alone.

According to an article in  Inc. magazine, over half of all small businesses do not have a website. Many small business owners believe they do not have the time for a website, or that a website will cost too much.

If a website availability were low-cost, and not take away any of your time, would your business have a website? Would you consider just $10 a month low-cost enough to have a professionally managed website?

For websites and Social Media packages, we have some of South Dakota’s lowest rates.

If you have ever looked at having a website designed for your business, odds are you found prices from $500 to a $1,000, or even more. Our prices start as low as $120 and offer much more than their lowest priced packages. Does that mean we offer less? No.

At On The Prairie Marketing, we are also a small business. We understand the needs and concerns of other small businesses. Just as your small business operates to provide the best service at the lowest prices to meet your customers’ needs, we also operate on that same principle.

Basic website (Up to 10 pages, full support by our On The Prairie Staff, one website change per month, and unlimited email accounts for only $120 per year (can be paid quarterly).

Additional options can include “Daily Specials” or “Weekly Specials” website updates, additional pages, and adding an online store to allow customers to order from their homes (online store prices will vary based on needs).

All websites will be designed to fit the wants and needs of the business owner.

Basic Social Media includes at least professionally created and managed Facebook and Twitter accounts, with at least 2 postings per week (approved by the business owner).  The Business Owner will also have access to create/edit postings and respond to messages (owner will be notified by On The Prairie Marketing when messages arrive or if any posts require their attention). The Basic Social Media package is just $10 per month (billed monthly).

Additional options include other social media platforms, increased amounts of postings, and sponsored (boosted) posts.

The Basic Website bundled with the Basic Social Media package is only $200 per year when bundled.

All price quotes will include applicable taxes. Rates do not increase to “Regular” rates after an introductory period. The Basic and any Add On rates quoted are guaranteed.

If just $10 a month is affordable, then consider whether your business needs a website. 

To request free, no cost, no obligation consultation to determine how a website can best benefit your small business, please call or text: (605) 681-6877, email, or visit: