Checklist Prior To Notarization

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Before scheduling an appointment with a Notary Public, there are a few key items that you must bring with you.

1. Item to be notarized, unsigned if a signature is required.

2. Proper picture identification. Proper identification includes, but is not limited to Driver’s License, Military or other Government issued ID Cards, and School Issued Identification Cards.

3.  A “credible witness” when in doubt about a person’s identity, or in lieu of proper identification. A “credible witness” is any person who personally knows the signer of a document. The Notary Public should likewise personally know the credible witness. The credible witness may, under oath from the Notary Public, attest to the identity of the document signer. Remember, the credible witness should be impartial to the transaction being notarized. If using a “credible witness” it is wise to notify the Notary Public prior to the appointment as many have a separate document they use.

The Notary Public will witness the signing of the document and affix the Notary Public seal at that time.

If your document is to be filed by a certain date with any agencies or court, it is wise to choose a Notary Public whose commission does not expire prior to the filing date, or up to 30 days thereafter. This is not a law or rule, but can help avoid issues later.

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