Avoiding the “Gotcha Syndrome” of Marriage

Too often in marriage the couple may slip into what we refer to as the “Gotcha Syndrome.” After a period of time, a certain level of comfort sets in and the two start to do things they make it appear they have changed.

But they did not change. Instead the level of comfort creates a complacency in the marriage. Examples we hear most are things like a husband who may stop doing dishes, or forget birthdays. A wife who may not cook favorite meals on special occasions or be as physical.

This happens because the level of comfort leads to the feeling of I “gotcha” and can ease off a bit.

It is no secret that a major key to a happy marriage is keeping the flames alive, and not just in the bedroom. Husbands, make dinner reservations at a nice place and surprise her and take a day off work and go to a movie and lunch with your wife. Wives, slip a note in his lunch and maybe you can take a day off to take him to lunch and a movie (or take him lunch).

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It is continuing to do the things which won over the person you love which we keep that love alive.

Take a moment today and tell that special someone how much you love them.

You’ll be glad you did.

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”

This is a decades old adage, but still holds true. A husband who always opens doors for his wife, brings her flowers for no reason, and makes her the random breakfast in bed will have a wife who will make her husband’s favorite dinner after a long, hard day at work (even if she works herself) and a wife who will pack his lunch for a day of fishing and give him back rubs when his muscles ache.

Marriage is more than living together and being romantic. Happiness in marriage is all the little things which show your spouse how much he/she is appreciated. A marriage is equally giving to your partner what he/she needs, not just enjoying what you are given.

Take a moment this week and show the one you love how much he/she is appreciated.

Happily Ever After is meant to be forever. It takes both people in the relationship to work towards keeping the relationship alive.

Before you say, “I Do,” promise that “You Will.”