The Art and Science of Sales

Sales is a contact sport. A popular belief is that the more potential customers contacted, the more sales are made. Unfortunately, that is less often the reality of sales. Too many times the inexperienced or untrained sales person will justify failure by the quantity of people spoken with and attempted sales.

The truth is actually the more qualified potential customers contacted the more sales are made. Not every contact will be qualified, which is where the sales process must end with those leads and prospects. Every area of sales has their own unique reasons to consider a client unqualified.

This is where the art and science of sales meet.

The science of sales is in understanding the numbers and percentages of contacts made as they move through the sales funnel, as well as the conversion data based on the sales professional’s own efforts and accomplishments.

The art of sales is moving the qualified customers through stages of the sales processes until the sale happens, understanding each customer, their wants and needs, helping them through the process.

It is the well trained sales professional which recognizes the required flow through the sales funnel. Knowing when to cut loose an unqualified customer and return to filling the funnel is far more valuable than having an unqualified customer agree to the sale, but unable to complete the process.

The trained sales professional can use the knowledge of their conversion to map out their own requirements, develop a work ethics schedule, and the follow ups needed to accomplish their sales goals.

Every sales professional enjoys flexibility in their work schedule, based on the successes of meeting their sales goals. This is the reward of the sales career, along with unlimited income based on their own potential.

Let us help your sales team understand the art and science of sales to maximize their potential, increase their sales, and become more efficient, not just effective.

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”

This is a decades old adage, but still holds true. A husband who always opens doors for his wife, brings her flowers for no reason, and makes her the random breakfast in bed will have a wife who will make her husband’s favorite dinner after a long, hard day at work (even if she works herself) and a wife who will pack his lunch for a day of fishing and give him back rubs when his muscles ache.

Marriage is more than living together and being romantic. Happiness in marriage is all the little things which show your spouse how much he/she is appreciated. A marriage is equally giving to your partner what he/she needs, not just enjoying what you are given.

Take a moment this week and show the one you love how much he/she is appreciated.

Happily Ever After is meant to be forever. It takes both people in the relationship to work towards keeping the relationship alive.

Before you say, “I Do,” promise that “You Will.”