Increasing Your Customer Base

In today’s technology driven world, the internet is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to attract new customers. If you wish to grow your business, consider marketing your business online.

If you decide to expand, the marketing world can seem hectic, but there are numerous low cost, effective ways to begin. The easiest methods are having a website and maximizing social media. Unfortunately, many business owners are failing to take advantage of these opportunities, as well as other websites which allow customers to leave reviews and post information about your business.

There are also smartphone apps which allow customers to “check in” to your establishment, leave reviews and even upload photographs. Often these sites and apps will allow the business owner to offer specials, enticing potential customers to visit and leave reviews.

Reviews are important as you only get one shot at a good first impression, but getting that opportunity is the hard part.

Is your business using these free websites and apps to gain attention? Do you have a website and social media to help potential customers search for your business? Does your competition?

If you do not, and want to start using any of them, that is where we come in. During our free consultation, we can set your business up on at least one website and one app which allow reviews and check ins.

For websites and Social Media packages, we have some of South Dakota’s lowest rates.

Basic website (Up to 10 pages, full support by our On The Prairie Staff, one website change per month, and unlimited email accounts for only $120 per year (can be paid quarterly).

Additional options include “Daily Specials” or “Weekly Specials” website updates, additional pages, and an online store to allow customers to order from their homes (online store prices will vary based on needs).

All websites will be designed to fit the wants and needs of the business owner.

Basic Social Media includes a Professionally created Facebook and Twitter accounts, with at least 2 postings per week (approved by the business owner).  Business Owner will have access to create postings and respond to messages (owner will be notified by On The Prairie Marketing when messages arrive or if any posts require their attention). The Basic Social Media package is just $10 per month (billed monthly).

Additional options include other social media platforms, increased amounts of postings, and sponsored (boosted) posts.

The Basic Website bundled with the Basic Social Media package is only $200 per year when bundled.

All price quotes will include applicable taxes. These are not introductory rates. Rates do not increase to “Regular” rates as the Basic and any Add On rates quoted are guaranteed.

To begin discussing your marketing goals and developing a strategy, please call or text: (605) 681-6877, email, or complete this form:

Moving The Middle

In Sales, the top 20% of Sales People are responsible for 80% of the sales. So how do you increase your team’s sales?

One concept is known as “Moving the Middle” to increase sales. But how can you move the middle 60% if 80% of all sales come from the top 20%?

By training and developing the bottom 20% to generate more leads and prospects along with training the middle 60% to more effectively close more sales, the volume of sales will increase for the team.

The top 20% tend to have a natural drive to outperform the others, and will increase their sales on their own. Using both sustainment and advanced sales training for the top 20%, they will be able to close more sales than before and keep their level above the rest.

Properly “Moving The Middle” does not increase the percentage of top sales people, or leave the middle void. It brings the bottom 20% to where the middle currently is, making the low 20% an acceptable level.

By “Moving The Middle” with proper, professional training, everyone succeeds and the overall team sales production increases.

Are you looking to move the middle with your team? Let us sit down with you and develop a training plan with a free consultation.

“Everyday you do nothing to change your current situation is another day your situation does not improve.”

Contact us today, and prepare for a stronger tomorrow.

Special Offer for SoDak Small Businesses in Small Communities

As On The Prairie has begun providing an absolutely FREE Small Business Directory for South Dakota,
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Click Image To Join The FREE Online Business Directory

As the CEO I have directed that the first 50 SoDak Small Businesses in our Smaller Communities be offered the opportunity to receive a website for just $50 the first year*. If you know of a Small Business in a Smaller Community of South Dakota, let them know about this offer. They can sign up here.

*Offer includes:

-Domain Registration (Purchase of the website name)
-Creating your basic website (up to 10 pages)
-Full support by our On The Prairie Staff
-One change/Update per month (corrections do not count)
-Unlimited email accounts.

The website will be designed to fit the wants and needs of the business owner. Online stores, “daily” or “weekly specials” posts, and social media management are additional fees based on requests. Regular value of $120 per year.

If you own a Small Business and have waited to try a website, this is your opportunity.

Offer only valid for the first 50 Small Businesses (under 50 employees) to submit the request for a free online listing, located in a South Dakota community with less than 5,000 residents. To check your community, click here.

Can Your Clients Find You?

Does your business show up within the first two pages of a Google search? If not, why not?

There are many things which affect your ranking on a Google search. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) decides how likely your website is to be found in a search.

But having your business on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Yelp also create more chances of your business being found. Yelp also allows potential customers to review your business and products, as well as read the reviews left about your business and products.

Having an online store allows your business to sell and ship products without your customers ever entering your establishment. This is especially helpful for small businesses to reach distant customers, with a niche product/market.

These are all key to growing the customer base and your business opportunities. On The Prairie Marketing can guarantee you are on the right sites, potential customers can find your business and help you establish an online store to sell directly.

To request a free, no cost/no obligation consultation, contact On The Prairie Marketing

The Art and Science of Sales

Sales is a contact sport. A popular belief is that the more potential customers contacted, the more sales are made. Unfortunately, that is less often the reality of sales. Too many times the inexperienced or untrained sales person will justify failure by the quantity of people spoken with and attempted sales.

The truth is actually the more qualified potential customers contacted the more sales are made. Not every contact will be qualified, which is where the sales process must end with those leads and prospects. Every area of sales has their own unique reasons to consider a client unqualified.

This is where the art and science of sales meet.

The science of sales is in understanding the numbers and percentages of contacts made as they move through the sales funnel, as well as the conversion data based on the sales professional’s own efforts and accomplishments.

The art of sales is moving the qualified customers through stages of the sales processes until the sale happens, understanding each customer, their wants and needs, helping them through the process.

It is the well trained sales professional which recognizes the required flow through the sales funnel. Knowing when to cut loose an unqualified customer and return to filling the funnel is far more valuable than having an unqualified customer agree to the sale, but unable to complete the process.

The trained sales professional can use the knowledge of their conversion to map out their own requirements, develop a work ethics schedule, and the follow ups needed to accomplish their sales goals.

Every sales professional enjoys flexibility in their work schedule, based on the successes of meeting their sales goals. This is the reward of the sales career, along with unlimited income based on their own potential.

Let us help your sales team understand the art and science of sales to maximize their potential, increase their sales, and become more efficient, not just effective.